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Who We Are

Customer Journey Agency to catch the digital wave and create a unique value experience for the brand!

intarget: is a leading digital marketing company that creates effective and measurable brand strategies. Founded in 2001, intarget: supports international organisations operating in 60 countries thanks to over 110 multicultural, digital talents.

The company’s data-driven approach and the ability to create strategic plans that brings together multiple digital marketing solutions are key to manage the principal touchpoints throughout the customer journey as well as maximise performance and optimise budgets.


We aim to be a national and international digital hub for all brands that want to elevate and expand their business.

The ambitions of every single brand lie close to our heart: their challenges become ours. Our intarget: professionals will dedicate themselves to all of their objectives, ready to achieve these with commitment, attention and speed.

To do this, we surround ourselves with the best digital talents and offer our clients innovative services and cutting-edge technological solutions within the digital marketing landscape.


We are many in number, but when we are confronting a great challenge, it’s never enough!

We always think in terms of “networks” because we know that digital is not just “another channel of communication” but rather a new model of relationship between companies and their audiences, which is profoundly changing the world of communication and marketing.

Alessio Marelli
Web Solutions Manager
Antonio Procopio
Daniela Gerosa
Social Team Leader
Michelangelo Grassi
Media Manager
Renato Giuliani
Financial Director
Rosalia Spagnuolo
Technical Solutions Specialist
Gabriele Piaggi
HR Director
Cinzia Nobile
Media Planner
Elena Merlino
Head of Account Management
Franco Muzzi
SEO Specialist
Valentina Coco
Creative Manager
Luca Calisti
Media Planner
Susanna Boggia
Digital Strategist
Chiara Ferroni
HR Specialist
Sara De Angelis
Account Manager
Davide Altamura
SEO Specialist
Carlotta Ghelardi
Account Manager
Debora Gerini
Creative Manager
Francesco Gentili
Eleonora Bartozzi
Digital Art Director
Maria Iolanda Serra
Platform Solutions Consultant Sr
Stefania Salis
Account Manager
Chiara Naldi
Head of Advertising
Lisa Luperini
HR Assistant
Dario Ricci
Operation Manager
Stefania Capannelli
SEO Specialist
Daniele Gargini
Software Developer Sr
Silvia Del Vitto
Sales Manager CH
Antonietta Pisani
Executive Assistant
Simona Della Latta
Media Planner
Silvia Frosini
Social Media Specialist
Alessandro Ghignola
Administrative Secretary
Ilaria Tiezzi
Platform Solutions Consultant
Giulia Tronco
Media Manager
Anna Borrelli
Media Planner
Cassie Feng
Marketing Specialist
Francesco Maddalo
Sales Manager
Sthefany Ortega
Social Media Specialist
Simona Termine
Motion Graphic Designer
Anna Pupi
Market Specialist China
Fausta Sposato
Sales Director Italy
Kenza Marjani
Media Planner
Paolo Grandi
Data Scientist
Sebastiano Comin
Creative Manager
Fabio Ardinghi
Head of SEO
Alessandro Inversi
Data Scientist
Alice Sisia
Media Planner
Francesca Tezza
Client Director
Giampiero Mandraffino
Head of Strategy
Giulio Bonini
Digital Analytics Lead
Ramayana Sapuric
Office Manager
Francesca Pecori
Media Manager
Elisa Agostini
Administrative Secretary
Jessica Minuti
Social Media Specialist
Sara Tavella
Account Manager
Alessandro Laudati
Client Director
Linda Paoli
Agency Chief Operating Officer
Dario Baselice
Front End Developer
Nicola Tanzini
Founder & CEO
Giorgia Fumo
Social Media Analyst
Mimmo Nisi
Luca Zappolini
Andrea Marcante
Martech Managing Director
Luca Ciccarelli
Head of Platform
Amalia Iavazzo
Marketing Specialist
Matilde Menichetti
SEO Manager
Francesca Di Fiore
Account Manager
Ana Hajman
Account Manager
Rossella Fazio
Client Director
Demetrio Orecchio
SEO Specialist
Alessio Sansivero
SEO Manager
Sabrina Grassagliata
Media Planner
Andrea Topini
Data Designer
Eleonora Baglini
Media Planner
Raffaella Pierpaoli
Head of Social
Francesco Cito
Media Manager
Federico Parlato
Media Planner
Emilio Biondi
Front End Developer
Elena Piccione
Account Manager
Luisa Centro
Account Manager
Leonardo Scatena
Administrative Secretary
Sara Giuntini
Office Manager
Andrea Zennaro
Agency Managing Director
Damiano Antonelli
Head of Creative
Simona Borrelli
Media Planner
Cristina Tortorelli
Technical Solutions Manager
Giulia Mellea
Social Media Specialist
Alessandra Durigon
Account Manager
Lara De Laurentis
SEO Specialist
Francesca Danti
SEO Specialist
Sara Niccolini
Media Manager
Chantal Boldrini
SEO Manager
Eugeniya Belyakova
Media Planner
Stefano Generali
Managing Director intarget China
Giovanni Panariello
Front End Developer
Matteo Ferrari
Head of Adtech Operations
Giulia Stefanelli
Account Manager
Jessica Bonaiti
SEO Specialist
Maddalena Bertoli
SEO Specialist
Lorenzo Policardo
Technical Solutions Consultant
Marco Bellagotti
Media Planner
Martina Betori
Account Manager
Lorenza Chini
Media Planner
Mariantonietta Di Giglio
Data Scientist
Elena Starace
Bruna Fusco
Digital PR & Social Media Consultant
Greta Musu
Software Developer
Federica Brancale
CRO and Design Thinking Facilitator
Adriana Vernice
Technical Solutions Manager
Cecilia Valsecchi
Digital Art Director
We Offer Certified Value!

Passion and commitment go into everything we do. But don’t just take our word for it: take a look at the various certifications that we have received over the years.

Google Marketing Platform Sales Partner

Google Marketing Platform solutions – coupled with the experience and consultancy skills of intarget: professionals – allow advertisers to plan, buy, measure, and optimize digital media and customer experiences in one place. intarget: confirms its excellence in the digital innovation landscape by leveraging eight certifications in the Google Marketing Platform Partners programme:
Analytics | Display & Video 360 | Campaign Manager | Search Ads 360 | Attribution | Data Studio | Optimize | Tag Manager

More information 


Those in possession of this certification are capable of managing advertising campaigns using the most popular search engine in Russia: an “action-based” system, which allows for the publication of a company’s own brand on Yandex and on a large network of websites in its editorial network through PPC campaigns.


Through Web Analytics activities, Web Usability and market analyses, we are able to monitor and optimise the online investments of brands and companies. Through detailed Web Reputation analyses, we help to understand the popularity index associated with clients and competitors.

Google Premier Partner

Google partners are online marketing experts and agencies that have obtained Google certification for managing AdWords accounts. This badge of quality indicates that the company has demonstrated talent and expertise on AdWords, has satisfied AdWords spending requirements, has favoured an increase in the entry of the agency and its clients, and has maintained and grown its own customer base.