China - 06.06.2023


Our contribution is featured in the XIV edition of the “China Annual Report 2023”, produced in collaboration with the Italy China Council Foundation – ICCF, an association established in 2022 through the merger of the Italy China Foundation and the Italo-Chinese Chamber of Commerce.

The report provides a comprehensive analysis of the trends and new challenges that will shape the Chinese market in 2023, covering various key sectors. Leveraging data from the Global Web Index survey platform, Intarget conducted an in-depth study on the Chinese tourism sector to identify new trends and market prospects.

New travel habits and trends:

Our research indicates that in 2023, Chinese tourists will display a strong desire to visit Italy, favoring personalized and high-quality experiences.

The preference for outdoor activities and relaxation, as evidenced by the increased interest in resorts (66.2%), spas (52.6%), and theme parks (51.4%), reflects a significant shift in the preferences of this consumer segment, prioritizing health and well-being.

There is also a rise in the use of smartphones and digital platforms for itinerary planning and organization, highlighting the ongoing digitalization trend in the country. The discovery of new travel destinations occurs online, through platforms like Douyin and Little Red Book, followed by trip planning on apps like WeChat and other online travel agencies.

With an estimated two million arrivals in Italy in 2023 (Enit), Chinese tourism to foreign countries shows promising signs of recovery. For Italian tourism operators looking to attract the attention of this traveler group, it is essential to integrate into the Chinese digital ecosystem and create localized content.

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