Marketing - 16.05.2024


Intarget embarks on a new strategic collaboration with CGT, a company that is part of the Tesya Group and Italian dealer for Caterpillar.

The collaboration aims to strengthen the visibility of CGT S.p.A. in the digital landscape through innovative strategies and tailor-made creative content.

The partnership between Intarget and CGT S.p.A. marks the beginning of a digital marketing project focused on the development of a “Compact Machine Social Format”. Intarget, through a team of highly qualified professionals, will engage in various strategic and creative activities to bolster the brand’s digital presence in the market.

The assignment involves in detail:

  • Strategy and creative concept: Developing a targeted content strategy and a creative concept. Naming, rubric, and copywriting will be essential during this phase, ensuring every message is impactful and tailored to the target audience.
  • Art direction & copywriting: Producing high-impact video content with adaptations for social media, including a trailer and a closing video as well as various excerpts.
  • Static content: Creating carousels and Instagram Stories, along with visual adaptations for Performance Max, featuring static images in various formats and videos optimized for social platforms.
  • Campaign management for awareness and lead generation: Setting and managing marketing campaigns aimed at increasing brand awareness and generating leads, utilizing PMax and Meta platforms.
  • Landing page: Designing and copywriting for a dedicated single-page landing site for lead generation, available in both desktop and mobile versions.

“In this partnership, Intarget will focus on creating high-quality content and implementing cutting-edge marketing strategies,” says Damiano Antonelli, Chief Creative Officer at Intarget. “This targeted approach allows us to optimize resources and focus on areas of maximum impact for CGT S.p.A., ensuring effective and measurable results.”

The project will conclude with a final project report and a result commentary session, offering CGT S.p.A. a comprehensive overview of the effectiveness of the implemented strategies.