Corporate - 23.01.2024


We are pleased to announce that Fausta Sposato has been appointed as the new Managing Director of Intarget. Her rise, which began in 2017 as the Head of Customer Management and has seen significant evolution to the role of Chief Solutions Officer, represents a significant milestone for our company. Today, she partners with Nicola Tanzini, the Founder and Executive President of Intarget, in the strategic leadership of our company.

Fausta’s career, spanning over fifteen years of experience in marketing and sales, has been characterized by an innovative approach and a vision that integrates digital, management, and market strategies. Her promotion to Managing Director is built on a deep internal understanding of the company and a strong ability to enhance the skills of our teams.

At Intarget, we recognize the value of internal growth and the ability to leverage synergies across different areas of the company. With Fausta at the helm, we aim to further strengthen our consultancy positioning in the market, with a particular emphasis on enhancing the solutions offered in terms of strategic consulting. Fausta, with her experience and vision, will guide our clients’ customer journey, starting from data to create effective and supported business strategies.

Nicola Tanzini emphasizes the trust and admiration that Intarget holds for Fausta, recognizing her abilities and commitment that have significantly contributed to the company’s growth and success in the market.

As the new Managing Director, Fausta Sposato aims to continue Intarget’s path of consolidation in the market, integrating skills in marketing, creativity, and data & tech. Her vision includes an omnichannel approach that maximizes the potential of marketing to support our clients. Moreover, she aims to further enhance the inclusivity and flexibility of our work environments, key elements for sustainable and fruitful growth.

Her leadership will be critical in Intarget’s journey towards B Corp certification, strengthening our commitment as a Benefit Company. Her experience in Sales and Solutions, combined with her strategic vision, are essential in providing a high-level service to our clients.

With Fausta Sposato at the helm, the Intarget ecosystem strengthens, promising to further develop synergy and operational capabilities within the company.