China - 27.01.2023


Following the inauguration featuring sinologist Giada Messetti, our series of meetings continues to offer an analysis of the most relevant scenarios, opportunities, and trends in the Chinese market. Our next guest is Marco Dell’Aguzzo, a journalist focused on energy, technology, and international politics.

Through this series of meetings, in addition to the reports released by Intarget China, we incorporate discussions with sinologists, scholars, and experts in the Eastern world to emphasize the importance of increased awareness regarding China, both commercially and culturally.

The second guest of the In:China Talks is Marco Dell’Aguzzo, a long-time contributor on energy, technology, and international politics: the Roman journalist, author of multiple articles in prestigious publications such as Start Magazine, Wired, Linkiesta, Il Sole 24 ORE, il Manifesto, Vanity Fair, and Aspenia online, will offer valuable insights into understanding topics related to energy and technology within international geopolitical dynamics.

The webinar – titled “Geopolitics, media, and technology in China” – will provide an opportunity to comprehend China’s current position in relation to the rest of the world in terms of technological and industrial innovation, and what we can learn from the country’s ongoing efforts.

The meeting will be moderated – directly from Shanghai – by Stefano Generali, Managing Director: China is a country that is widely discussed but still substantially unknown to Western countries. While Western culture is extensively studied in the Dragon’s Country, the same cannot be said for China in the rest of the world. Nevertheless, we must strive to learn more and better understand it because its decisions have a global impact that cannot be overlooked. After Giada Messetti, where we acknowledged the need to consider China and its political choices, with Marco Dell’Aguzzo, we will understand how these choices affect the industrial, technological, and media landscapes, subsequently impacting the everyday lives of citizens.”

To join the live event, on Tuesday, January 31st at 12:00 PM CET and grasp the essential topics to monitor in the coming months to keep Italian companies prepared, you can register and connect using the following link.