04/04/2017  |  Data Analysis
Google Unveils Analytics 360 Suite
Google Unveils Analytics 360 Suite

News from Google!

Google has just unveiled Analytics 360: a new professional ecosystem that is able to support more structured businesses in a transition to increasingly data-driven digital marketing.

The suite consists of 3 well-known products:

Audience Center 360: Google’s own DMP, integrated with Google Analytics 360, can organise audiences in a simple, intuitive manner and allows use of Doubleclick.
Optimize 360: a new A/B testing tool with drag-and-drop personalization and a “What you see is what you get” interface.
Data Studio 360: a reporting suite that works in a similar way to Google Docs and is able to collect data from different streams and organise a dashboard in real time by means of a few simple steps.

The Suite is due to be rolled out over the course of the next few months but beta users can already access a new interface which will make managing the new tools simpler and more intuitive.
While Google Analytics 360, Tag Manager 360 and Attribution 360, are already well-known tools, as mentioned above, Optimize 360 e Data studio 360 are new tools which were unveiled pre-release at the Google Analytics Summit 2015 in California.
Optimize 360 follows the professional evolution of content experiment.



It is effectively a tool for A/B testing, MVT and personalization, which is seamlessly integrated into GA and GTM and can be used via a visual interface. Changes can be made to the page using a “what you see is what you get” editor, meaning that anyone can now complete testing and personalization activities previously only accessible to companies with skilled development teams.
Data Studio 360 is a powerful reporting suite destined to revolutionize the way that reporting is done. It can collect and visualise data from other Google products, but most importantly it has an extremely versatile visual interface and allows you to personalise and cross data. Its web-based operation is very similar to Google Drive.

What’s next?

This brand new suite completes Google’s offer with tools that can handle digital marketing for large enterprises with a 360° data-driven approach:

  • Data collection and organisation (GA 360 & GTM 360)
  • 360° analysis of online and offline activities (Attribution 360)
  • Testing and personalization (Optimize 360)
  • Reporting and visualization (Data Studio 360)
  • Use of the data in relation to advertising audiences (Audience Center 360 and integration with the Doubleclick suite)

    The seamless native integration of these tools with Doubleclick, with rapid response and real-time updates, makes the Google Analytics 360 Suite unique on the market.

This structure places Google on a completely different level to other players in the analytics sector because key data can feed directly into advertising strategies with no additional effort in terms of development costs or deployment.