In:China Monitor

Semi-annual analysis of trends in China
Launched in 2020, In:China Monitor is the only market-specific report that provides insights based on first-hand data from China, allowing brands to benchmark their industry performance against updated indicators of local relevance.


In:China Monitor 7:
Understanding China and APAC luxury evolutions

Discover the latest luxury trends in APAC: consumer dynamics, strategies of emerging brands, and expert insights, all in an essential overview for industry insiders

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MARCH 2023

In:China Monitor 6:
Re-Discovering Europe: The return of Chinese tourists

The theme of this edition is tourism, a focus on new trends and expectations of a new generation of Chinese tourists coming to Europe.

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In:China Monitor 5:
Your eyes on the Chinese luxury market

The theme of this edition is luxury, a deep dive into the latest trends in the Apac area, consumer habits and experiences of those working in the sector, as well as a showcase of emerging local brands.

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In:China Monitor 4
The future of Retail is written in China

The report deals with the main retail trends in China, from the use of smartphones for e-commerce to that of influencers and the online-to-offline (O2O) store and live commerce that blends TV, social, and shopping.

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