Embracing the seamless shopping experience

The boundaries among markets, channels and media have changed. Retail is moving into a world where consumer touch points are constant but fleeting. That is why, today, Retail is developing into a flow of digital and physical, personalized and social interactions.

Retail [R]evolution

A personalized and omnichannel shopping experience

The revolution in retail has compelled retailers to rethink their marketing strategies, placing people and the simplicity of the purchasing process at the center. How can brands redesign their business models to engage in a direct, engaging, and lasting relationship with customers?

The consumer at the center
Technological innovation assigned a leading role to the consumer in determining the timing, manner and content of product and service offers. Consumers today wish to have an increasingly immersive and engaging experience, regardless of the channel in which the transaction will be finalized.

New relations
Brands are dealing with an audience that is more fragmented and aware but, at the same time, less attentive and less prone to waste time. Hence, the need to engage audiences with meaningful content to establish a relationship that, if well cultivated, can later be turned into a preference over competitors.

Towards omnichannel
Digitizing all touch points between brand and customer is no longer a company’s objective. It is a need. In the next few years, we will see a greater penetration of this purchasing method in the consumer’s life.

Retail: the current scenario

New generations and organizations are more attentive to environmental, social and governance sustainability issues.
Knowing how to combine solutions and best practices with consumer expectations is an essential requirement in the future retail.

The future of the point of sale involves the implementation of solutions that combine technology and the human factor. In-store Wi-Fi, interactive touch screens, click and collect to provide a complete and satisfying shopping experience.

A direct synergy among physical spaces, e-commerce channel and consumer at home.
Customer communities can build personal and interactive relationships with brands and experts.

A new era of retail requires physical spaces that are useful for a purpose as well as for shopping.
The stores of the future will revitalize cities, elevate local communities, and promote the circular economy.

intarget for Retail:
Digital Consultancy

For sector brands, adding value to the business means two things: opening up to digitization of in-house business processes and integration of various data sources; and looking at the factors that affect the shopping experience and customer relationships to optimize store presence locally and online.

We help brands to make the shopping experience in their stores unique through a customized customer experience using cutting-edge technologies and a data-driven approach.

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