China - 21.07.2023


Intarget continues its series of meetings aimed at providing analysis on the most relevant opportunities and trends in the Chinese market, with a specific focus on the Made in Italy and marketing strategies. The next guest will be Mattia Romeo, an influencer with millions of followers on the Chinese web, who has been living in China for 17 years.

During the live session, influencer Mattia Romeo will share his life experience in China and the strategies required for an effective influencer marketing campaign in the Dragon Country, where the audience is not accustomed to associating products with emotions. This represents a significant potential to shape the future of Made in Italy, through enhancing the allure of Italy and tourism.

“This sixth edition of In:China Talks presents an excellent opportunity to learn about influencer marketing strategies in China from one of the best points of view, bridging the gap between our culture and the Chinese culture,” said Stefano Generali, Managing Director of Intarget China. “Mattia Romeo, an Italian influencer who has been in China for over seventeen years, will provide insights into the Chinese market, the strengths and weaknesses of Made in Italy in China, and growth prospects, touching closely on the attractiveness of Italy from a tourism perspective. This sixth event adds the element of communication through new media, in a China that is vastly different from the West and even from its pre-pandemic state.”

This 6th installment of In:China Talks will also feature the direct experiences of Mattia Romeo, who has built his career step by step, including ventures in television.

“The Chinese audience has its own unique way of relating to products: unlike us, they do not spend much time researching what they purchase. However, marketing strategies that delve into the cultural background behind the products can be successful. For example, when I worked with a well-known pasta brand looking to promote their offerings in China, I simply sang a little tune on TV, which I learned as a child, associated with that brand, and shared my experience, which garnered significant success. This highlights the importance of thinking innovatively to be effective in China, which we will explore further in the upcoming session,” stated Mattia Romeo.

In:China Talks serves as a platform for the meeting of Italian companies’ needs and a direct perspective on China, where Intarget has established an office in Shanghai. Through the initial five meetings, it has become a valuable reference point for anyone interested in China and the evolving dynamics beyond just economics, but also geopolitics.

To join the live session on Thursday, July 27th at 11:00, registration and connection details can be found at the following link.