Corporate - 17.04.2024


by Antonella Del Torto, Chief People Officer di Intarget

At the heart of every great enterprise lies a story, an intricate weave of people, passions, and skills. Intarget is not just a company, but a vibrant mosaic of individualities united under one authentic flag.

We wanted to tell all of this in our Employer Branding project, an ode to our unique identity, an opening of doors to show the world who we truly are.

The core of this initiative lies in our core values and the vision that guides each of our actions. Through the lens of our project, we want to immerse everyone in the essence of Intarget, revealing what motivates us and constantly guides us.

At Intarget, we embrace diversity in all its forms. Every role, from the most technical to the most managerial, contributes uniquely to our common mission. With our project, we aim to highlight this wealth of professions and roles, demonstrating that it is precisely this variety that makes us so dynamic and innovative.

We are aware of the value of the talents that will enrich our journey. For this reason, we want to clearly and transparently convey what makes Intarget a special place to work. We want to inspire and attract those who share our values and vision.

Our employer branding project is not only aimed at influencing the outside world but also at strengthening the bond among members of our team. Creating a bridge of knowledge and sharing within the company is essential to us. We want every team member to feel part of something bigger, part of a community that values the diversity of internal voices.

One of the boldest choices we made was to give voice to our collaborators. We did not structure the texts in advance, but we let the authentic voices of our community tell our reality. This not only underscores our commitment to authenticity but also celebrates the individuality and diversity that make Intarget unique.

Through 3 different video formats, we amplified the values of our Manifesto through people’s voices. We told the career paths of Intargeters, each one marked by forks in the road and sudden changes of direction. We showcased our diversities (of which we are proud): different locations, different professions, different stories. All of this happened completely “unfiltered,” without scripts, preparations, or adjustments.

The result was a set of productions where the strong inherent and rooted values, which have always lived within our company, emerge and which today we have the pleasure of sharing even externally, with you.

In conclusion, our Employer Branding project is not just a corporate strategy, but a declaration of who we truly are. We want to be recognized not only for what we do but also for who we are as a community. Intarget is more than a company: it is a family of stories, passions, and skills working together to create a better future.