Marketing - 06.10.2023


We are thrilled to announce a new multi-year partnership with Diesel, the international lifestyle company founded by Renzo Rosso, which marks a further step towards our mission of driving innovation in the fashion industry. This collaboration enhances our extensive experience with fashion giants, confirming Intarget as a strategic compass for fashion and luxury globally.

With over 51% of our budget in the fashion and luxury sector invested in the Americas, 38% in EMEA countries, and 11% in MENA and APAC regions, our international presence positions us as the ideal partner for brands seeking to expand and establish themselves in global markets. Our independence, coupled with offices in Italy, Switzerland, and China, enables us to promote innovative and unconventional messages, delivering experimental experiences that speak the global language of fashion.

Alessio Garbato, Business Partner at Intarget, expresses his excitement for this collaboration: “The experience gained since 2013 has made us a reference point in the industry, working with names like Dolce & Gabbana, Benetton, and Moncler. Our ability to offer data-driven strategic consultations has allowed us to achieve excellent results, and with Diesel, we are ready to further strengthen our position, embracing sustainability and innovation values that reflect our vision.”

This partnership is not only a milestone for Intarget, but also a new opportunity for the entire agency ecosystem to grow, develop internal skills, and demonstrate our consultancy capability in the digital realm. We are prepared to navigate alongside Diesel in this exciting adventure, bringing our expertise and passion to the digital fashion world.

At Intarget, we firmly believe in the power of innovation and creativity to transform the fashion industry. This partnership with Diesel not only solidifies our leading role in the digital realm for fashion entities but also opens up new avenues to explore and define the future of fashion together.