Data&Tech - 12.09.2023


We are thrilled to announce the recent collaboration between Intarget and Funnel, the renowned Swedish marketing data hub. This strategic partnership aims to further enhance our offering and provide businesses with a comprehensive view of the user’s customer journey, both online and offline.

By leveraging advanced technologies, we are now capable of assisting companies in analyzing the complete customer journey, enabling them to make data-driven strategic decisions. Our Intarget Data Platform [IDP], a data hub successfully developed and implemented for various clients, stands out for its ability to visualize, monitor, and activate data in line with each client’s specific business goals.

According to Andrea Marcante, Chief Data & Tech Officer at Intarget, “With Funnel, we have identified the ideal solution to ensure solid and reliable data access over time, avoiding continuous maintenance work. Funnel represents the key to optimizing data access, offering a reliable and long-lasting platform.”

Marcante emphasizes that Intarget is both a client and partner of Funnel, a position that further reinforces the value of the collaboration. “Funnel ensures seamless access to the platform, translating into reliability and time savings for the client. This partnership allows us to recommend a secure data acquisition platform to our clients, reducing the time and maintenance costs that would otherwise be required by custom solutions.”

The Intarget Data Platform, which adopts Funnel as its data acquisition solution, not only provides simplified access but also serves as an advanced tool for in-depth analysis. Utilizing machine learning and econometric approaches, the system delivers detailed analyses, from classic RFM models (Recency, Frequency, Monetary Value) to correlation methods for forecasting and data activation.

Adam Knapp, Global Head of Solution Partners at Funnel, shares our enthusiasm by stating: “It is an honor to have formed a partnership with one of the leading customer journey agencies in Italy. The integration of the Funnel tool with Intarget’s expertise in digital marketing and advanced technologies brings significant value to our clients. Our shared vision is to help businesses make more effective marketing decisions by adopting a data-driven approach.”