Creative - 26.02.2023


Intarget chosen by Autogrill Italia for social communication management

A dedicated team with a content creator for content production, a flexible editorial plan in synergy with paid activities, an open, engaging, and fresh tone of voice, a concept focused on the experience and pleasure of stopping while traveling

We are proud to announce that Intarget has been selected by Autogrill Italia, as previously done for the renewal of the website, for the development of social communication strategy, with the aim of strengthening the concept of a “LOVE BRAND”.

The project was led by Damiano Antonelli – Chief Creative Director, Raffaella Pierpaoli – Head of Social, Alessandro Laudati – Client Director, Valentina Coco – Digital Art Director, Cesare Fedele – Creative Strategist, Cecilia Valsecchi – Digital Art Director, and Fabio Giacalone – Copywriter.

These are the statements from Damiano Antonelli: “Thinking of Autogrill means retracing the travel memories that have accompanied us from childhood vacations to more recent business trips. Extremely diverse stories, as well as origins and destinations, but with a common denominator: that sweet moment of pause present in every journey. The concept takes inspiration and roots in the observation that Autogrill is a certainty, that place ready to welcome us and offer us hospitality on every journey. Brands are not something tangible but exist as social constructions and live within human interactions. They are not static entities but continuously evolve, identity is a fundamental node in the minds of users. When it is possible to be consistent and innovative at the same time, recognition grows. Thus, a Love Brand is born, and this is how we want the image of Autogrill Italia to grow in people’s perception.”

From these reflections, a concept was developed focusing on experience: from the pleasure of stopping at Autogrill, to the intersection of people with different stories. A non-place, out of time and space, where one can indulge in small pleasures: dishes that satisfy every palate, conversations, relaxation, and a return to childhood. All to tell the work of research and innovation, thanks to collaborations with Chefs and nutritionists, on food and its quality: from traditional Italian enogastronomic recipes to vegetarian alternatives, from new breakfast offerings to various types of Poke.

The Instagram and Facebook profiles of Autogrill Italia are filled with content that builds a flexible narrative structure focusing on audience engagement and entertainment over regular posting frequency. On a visual level, a new aesthetic has been designed that remains true to Autogrill’s distinctive characteristics while using a new and modern visual grammar that projects the brand into contemporary language. The media strategy involves total synergy between organic and paid content with the aim of creating an emotional connection with the target audience and nurturing it. The ADV technology is maximized through the creation of content as close as possible to the real experience, allowing viewers to see the quality and taste of the products.