26/06/2018  |  Corporate
We celebrate 110 talents, and a new campus in Pisa
We celebrate 110 talents, and a new campus in Pisa

intarget: has reached a significant milestone in its growth on the market: one hundred and ten established professionals and young talents are now part of the Italian digital company. With an average age of thirty-five, 60% of the staff are women and 67% are digital natives.

A growth which is proving constant, since from 2016 to 2017 it went from 74 employees to 92, and in the first six months of 2018, with an increase of 19.5%, it has reached a total of 110 people within the team, a figure that will grow even more in the coming months. The prevision, in fact, is to reach 130 experts by the end of 2018, with an increase of 18.5%, and to continue this growth through to 2019. Significant data which proves the ambition of intarget’s professional growth.

We strongly believe in the value of the people who work with us on a daily basis – says Gabriele Piaggi, HR director of intarget: – Digital skill, and our employees desire for innovation are our strength. We are a digital company which is in constant growth, always looking for motivated and talented professionals to include in our employees, with constant attention paid to human resources and corporate welfare.

Currently, intarget: has 11 open job positions including media planners, account managers, social media specialists as well as those in the commercial and marketing area, absolute proof of the desire to continue growing and investing in key professional figures in the market.

<<I am proud of this excellent result for our company. – adds Nicola Tanzini, CEO & founder of intarget: – “There are one hundred and ten of us, but when you have a big challenge in front of you, you can never have enough! Over the years, we have succeeded in establishing ourselves as one of the most important companies in the digital marketing sector, in Italy and abroad. And I am even more pleased to see how the data which refers to our employees reflect the strong attention we have always paid to employing young people and females.>>

Among the 110 professionals working at intarget: 10% were born abroad: Brazil, China, Colombia, Morocco, Russia and Serbia are their countries of origin. Thanks to this as well as the skills of the entire staff, 10 languages are spoken fluently within the company: French, German, English, Serbian, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish and Arabic.

Another added goal is the construction of a new campus for the Pisa headquarters, an ideal space for employees which is also welcoming for our customers. The new offices have been designed around the four concepts of fun, colour, technology and sustainability. A new space which recreates style of the most innovative companies in Silicon Valley and is designed to express the transformation which intarget: has undergone in recent years: bright colours, light rooms, all arranged to facilitate the sharing of ideas.

The campus covers an area of 1,000 square metres, and was conceived with the aim of reinforcing the employees sense of belonging. All the campus environments are characterized by flexible and efficient solutions, which allow everyone to choose the way to work: individually or in groups, encouraging processes of sharing, innovation and creativity, always at the centre of the vision of the CEO and founder.

Tanzini continues: I strongly believe that to improve performance, it is important to have moments of leisure and relaxation even within the working environment. Our new campus is a location with unconventional work areas, leisure areas, meeting rooms equipped with state-of-the-art technological services and support, and environments that encourage team building moments to reduce the physiological workload.
Here, innovation is at the service of all our employees, who are the main pillars of our successes.”