Data&Tech - 09.05.2024


Intarget announces the launch of BAIS (Brand Artificial Intelligence Share), a revolution in branding and digital marketing analysis.

A leader in digital marketing and technological innovation, Intarget introduces BAIS, a cutting-edge tool designed to transform the analysis of brand presence and perception in Large Language Models (LLM).

BAIS employs sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms to accurately map the visibility and recognition of a brand compared to its competitors, providing a quantitative measure called “Brand Artificial Intelligence Share.” This allows companies to understand how they are represented and perceived in digital interactions between humans and AI, an essential competitive advantage in the new era of marketing.

“Large Language Models are becoming increasingly central to how consumers interact with brands online,” says Andrea Zennaro, Chief Innovation Officer at Intarget. “However, digital marketing has taught us that what cannot be tracked does not exist; with BAIS, we therefore offer brands a unique tool to analyze and optimize their presence in AI models, ensuring that their brand perception is both accurate and advantageous.”

BAIS offers several key features:

  • Mapping of brand presence and perception in LLMs.
  • Quantification of brand visibility relative to competitors at various funnel stages.
  • Neural pathways to show how LLMs link brands to content.
  • Identification of the most influential sources shaping brand perception.
  • Insights to optimize or safeguard brand presence in provided responses.

BAIS is a project born and developed within Intarget’s new Innovation Hub, which since the beginning of 2023, studies and develops AI solutions aimed at enhancing business outcomes that can be achieved in customer journeys through innovative technology.