01/09/2020  |  Advertising
Intarget leads Corepla on Tik Tok with #DifferenziaConCorepla
Intarget leads Corepla on Tik Tok with #DifferenziaConCorepla

The #DifferenziaConCorepla campaign, created by intarget, has started on
July 29 involving 7 well-known tiktokers and their 7 different styles, with
the aim of raising awareness among 16-24 year olds on collection issues
recycling and recycling of plastic packaging

You can turn 20 plastic bottles into a sweater, with 67 bottles of water you can fill a double duvet, with 11 bottles of milk you can make a watering can: these are some messages presented in the videos of the #DifferenziaConCorepla campaign including 7 well-known tiktokers , telling their followers how to learn to recognize plastic packaging and raise awareness of the importance of recycling in a simple way.

A project conceived by intarget, partner for strategic consultancy in digital marketing, which after having accompanied Corepla on Instagram in 2019, launches the Consortium on TikTok, the kingdom of Italian teenagers, in 2020.
The channel was chosen to reach and communicate with 16-24 years old, generation Z: an audience that needs a fresh and totally unconventional language, which on the one hand shows signs of openness but on the other seeks authenticity, distrusting of the classic advertising operations implemented by brands.

“We have devised strategy, creativity, coordination and adv to help Corepla communicate on a platform that in April counted + 151% compared to December, only in Italy. We are talking about a social network that becomes important to preside if the message is to reach a young audience, but difficult to reach because it is very selective. “says Nicola Tanzini, CEO and founder of intarget.” Tik Tok has fully entered the platforms where intarget is able to offer customers strategic support, for their organic or sponsored communication campaigns. After a period of training, which involved several intarget teams, today we are among the few Italian partners of the platform. We are particularly pleased with this project with Corepla that brings educational content to an entertainment platform, breaking down the traditional barriers between what is playful and what is serious “.

Corepla’s goal is to teach future generations, the adults of tomorrow, how to properly separate plastic packaging, to understand that it is a precious material and, if correctly collected and not dispersed in the environment, it can give new life to everyday objects. The Consortium therefore wants to make people understand the important difference between packaging – which must be given in the collection of plastic – and not packaging – which today must be given undifferentiated.

To put it plainly, they got involved – thanks to support of CreationDose, partner specialized in projects involving GenZ and UGC video production – the tiktokers Martina Rinaldi, Alessia Lanza, Anna Roseciati, Riccardo Aldigheri, Martina Brondin, Serena Puppo and Noemi Mortella.
These are 7 very active influencers on this social network that in 10 short videos, with their personal styles, will be present on the TikTok platform, starting from Wednesday 29 July with the #DifferenziaConCorepla campaign.
In the first two days of live, the campaign has already reached 3 million views.