Data&Tech - 24.05.2024


Bringing to the table a proven expertise in the financial sector, Intarget continues to safeguard the finance industry with the publication of its second report, “Follow the Money – Database Bank: Communication and Privacy in the New Data Protection Scenario”.

The report aims to craft effective solutions for one of the most pressing challenges of the digital era: how can banks and financial institutions navigate increasing privacy requirements without compromising the effectiveness of their communications?
In the current landscape, where digital tracking blocks are fast becoming the norm, Data Protection Officers (DPOs) find themselves having to balance regulatory compliance with the operational needs of the marketing department. This report delves into detailed strategies and case studies that can help institutions navigate this complex scenario, proposing a model of transitioning to new data processing systems that are both effective and in line with the latest privacy policies.

“In this second publication, we’ve dug deep into the current dynamics, challenging conventions to reveal strategies that are not just effective but also ethical.” states Andrea Marcante, Chief Data&Tech Officer at Intarget. “This report is not simply a compass for the present but also a beacon towards the future, highlighting how institutions can transform privacy challenges into opportunities for growth and trust.”

“Follow the Money 2” is more than just a sequel to its successful predecessor – it represents another stride forward in the debate of how technology can be responsibly leveraged in the financial industry. Through the analysis of real-world case studies and the sharing of innovative strategies, the report aims to equip industry leaders with the necessary knowledge to spearhead their digital transformation, while keeping user privacy rights intact.

This is a must-read for professionals in the banking and finance sector, data protection officers, and anyone fascinated by the interaction between communication, privacy, and technology, who wishes to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and efficiently navigate contemporary challenges.