Events - 05.06.2024


Intarget continues to dominate the Beauty industry with the publication of the report “Beauty case – Road to shopping”.

With a twenty-year history of collaborations with the main brands in the sector, Intarget has developed a unique understanding of market dynamics and emerging technologies, making the company a point of reference in the digital evolution of beauty.

This document offers a strategic and detailed vision on how to improve the online shopping experience, adapting to market evolutions and consumer needs.

The report stands out for its overview of the lower funnel, the analysis of the behaviors and expectations of Online Beauty Buyers and for its attention to all the innovations that influence the user experience with a particular focus on the moment of purchase. It examines social commerce platforms and emerging marketplaces, the most recent online research opportunities and phenomena such as Beauty Tech and Live Shopping, delving into how these can be exploited to transform the way in which beauty products are discovered and purchased online.

Our long experience in the beauty sector has allowed us to lead innovation, anticipating trends and proactively responding to the needs of a constantly evolving market,” said Fausta Sposato, Managing Director of Intarget. “With the ‘Beauty case – Road to shopping’ report, we demonstrate how our in-depth study of the sector and our consolidated expertise are essential to provide valuable insights and innovative strategies, thus strengthening the trust that industry professionals place in us

“Beauty case – Road to shopping” is more than a simple report; it is a toolbox, an essential guide for all those who operate in the beauty sector and want to implement effective and future-oriented sales strategies. It explores how current technologies can facilitate a fluid and personalized purchasing path, transforming every interaction into a significant opportunity for engagement and conversion.

“The opportunities offered by performance campaigns are proving to be a powerful tool in the Beauty sector too, to guide users towards shopping. Commented Matteo Ferrari, Chief Marketing Solutions Officer of Intarget. This report has highlighted the experiences and results obtained by TikTok Shop abroad, showing how these strategies can be effective in creating engagement and direct conversions.”

A fundamental read for professionals in the sector who will be able to find inspiration thanks to unpublished case studies, innovations and forecasts that will provide a snapshot of what to expect from the future of digital commerce in the beauty sector.