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Introducing the Data (r)Evolution
Introducing the Data (r)Evolution

As part of the IAB Forum 2019, we announced the launch of the new unit in:tech, born from the need to accompany companies on a path towards full digital maturity.

Round table with Nicola Tanzini – CEO & Founder intarget, Andrea Marcante – in: tech Managing Director, Carlo Vercellis – Full Professor of Machine Learning at Politecnico di Milano and Gianluca Guzzo – Co-founder and CEO Mymovies and General Manager Mashable, moderated by il the journalist Giampaolo Colletti, to shed light on the most current trends that are redefining the concept of marketing and on the need to accompany companies on a path towards full digital maturity.

It happens that companies that are embracing digital maturity path do not yet have clear ideas about what they need, they need to clarify both to allow them to ask themselves the right questions, and to avoid the use of improper terms and often they only create confusion, “says Andrea Marcante, in:tech Managing Director.” Companies increasingly need an almost tailor-made consultancy approach with transversal skills able to help, from a technological point of view, to express their uniqueness in an increasingly complex market

The round table focused on 3 themes in particular:

DEMYSTIFICATION OF DATA FOR SHARES: that is how to start from the needs of a company and know how to use data as an integral part of the processes aimed at achieving the objectives

DISCOVER THE DATA JOURNEY: how to understand an increasingly complex customer journey through new technological solutions and Artificial Intelligence applied to marketing

MAKING DECISIONS BASED ON DATA: on the importance of basing every choice, tactical or strategic, on a strong awareness given by the work on insights.

An event organized to tell how data has changed business models, forcing companies to review their mentality in this perspective.

Our new business unit in:tech will enrich the consulting ecosystem of digital solutions for the design of solutions designed to model marketing processes around the most important asset of the current competitive scenario: data.