Data&Tech - 29.06.2023


According to the most recent estimates, the probability of selling to an existing customer ranges between 60 and 70%, whereas for a new customer it hovers between 5 and 10%. Hence, it is evident that there is a need to focus on fostering loyalty, innovating purchase processes to make them more intuitive and engaging by leveraging gamification, and integrating them into corporate strategies through an omnichannel approach.

Intarget launches the Intarget Loyalty Platform, a software designed to streamline the path towards loyalty, implementing gamification into the purchasing experience with an omnichannel approach and introducing digital collectibles to attract new audiences. The business model, which also includes a success fee, ensures shared outcomes between Intarget consultants and retailers, fostering a joint path towards achieving results, such as empowering the RFM matrix (Recency, Frequency, Monetary).

“At Intarget, we collaborate with Retailers to design personalized shopping experiences utilizing the benefits of cutting-edge technologies. With the Intarget Loyalty Platform, we enable the activation of a direct relationship with consumers, fostering existing customer loyalty, increasing customer lifetime value, and simultaneously ensuring companies acquire first-party data in full compliance with GDPR,” says Nicola Tanzini – Executive President and Founder of Intarget.

The platform proposes a loyalty model that relies on distributed ledger technologies serving a CRM that can be anonymized to enable personalized experiences while fully respecting privacy. The simple and intuitive UX guarantees smooth transitions from choice to finalization of purchases.

“Amid a historical period where various global crises have led to widespread skepticism, the relationship between company and customer must also be nurtured attentively. Considering the probability of selling to an existing customer ranges between 60 and 70% compared to 5-10% with a new customer, the importance of loyalty strategies for retailers becomes evident. Additionally, current corporate strategies are often poorly integrated; for instance, in 2022, only 6% of companies implemented an advanced omnichannel strategy. With Intarget Loyalty Platform, we have sought to address this lack of fluidity, hindering the path to loyalty, by leveraging technological innovation and expertise of our professionals to offer a lasting and enjoyable experience that companies can provide to their customers,” states Fabrizio Lipani, co-founder of InLoyalty, an Intarget spin-off.

User experience will center around gamification: customers can register easily and quickly without sharing sensitive information, and immediately start making purchases online or in physical stores. Each purchase or special action, such as feedback or sharing, will earn the customer decentralized points, which they can then spend in physical stores or online. The simple and engaging wallet feature will make the relationship with the brand a pleasant experience, allowing the company to optimize marketing strategies effectively.

As the first spin-off company of the Intarget ecosystem, InLoyalty integrates its services for the customer journey and positions itself as an enhancement of the company’s offerings focused on the lower funnel.

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