Events - 29.04.2024


Intarget returns to the Netcomm Forum, this year dedicated to artificial intelligence, highlighting our commitment in driving innovations in the e-commerce and digital retail sectors.

Under the title “Me you & AI,” Intarget is at the forefront, demonstrating how artificial intelligence can be utilized not only to discuss companies but primarily to empower them.

In a world mesmerized by artificial intelligence, the focus often falls on purely theoretical debates. At Intarget, we adopt a different approach: “while everyone is talking about AI, we show you how AI talks about you”

Intarget’s distinctive choice is to use AI not merely as a tool, but as a true strategic ally that explores the intricacies of industries by analyzing and highlighting brands through innovative lenses.

Intarget’s method analyzes how AI language models interpret and communicate the values and uniqueness of various brands at key points in the customer journey. These insights allow orchestrating deeper and more personalized interactions, transforming every touchpoint into a unique opportunity to stand out and connect with the end customer.

By enriching our strategies with new data and insights, we fully leverage the potential of AI in its various aspects:

  • Predictive AI to analyze consumer data and predict their future preferences in order to optimize advertising expenses and forecast the impact of various marketing variables;
  • Generative AI to create virtual assistants capable of offering 24/7 customer support, personalized based on previous interactions or through quizzes and gaming, or content customization to ensure highly personalized support responses and content.

In addition, Intarget illuminates tools such as the creation of customized LLMs (Large Language Models) for more accurate automatic responses, and intelligent recommendations integrated into customer support systems.

Join us at Netcomm to discover how AI can transform your brand narrative and innovate your customer journey.

We look forward to seeing you on May 8th and 9th at the Netcomm Forum, floor 0, stand G30.

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