26/05/2020  |  Company
intarget Joins Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program
intarget Joins Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program

intarget announces it has joined the Google Cloud Partner advantage program as a Service and Sell partner. Upon awarding of the Google Marketing Platform program certifications, intarget can now also offer consulting, training and solution implementation services on Google Cloud  as well as resell its products and support clients as a Google Cloud services management consultant.

This is just one more recognition of our competency in being able to help companies move along a path of digital transformation. Google Cloud technology allows us to develop advanced marketing services and offer one further level to our intech business unit, launched in 2019 to enhance the potential of data and implement new business models” states intarget founder and CEO, Nicola Tanzini. “We are now able to offer an even more
complete set of solutions to help plan, acquire, measure and optimize digital media for our clients.

This vision falls within the intarget team’s growth plan aimed at innovation and dedication, over the next few months, to achieving Google recognition in other areas of specialization, such as Machine Learning, Data Analytics and Marketing Analytics.

In a market that is under continuous evolution, organizing and reading data is not enough. It is necessary to be able to extract additional insights and render the results in a way that is actionable” explains Aniello Maiese, Director of Innovation at intarget. “Now, by using the Google Cloud technology, we are able to offer additional value to the data and help brands, who trust us, to bring light into all of the insights that their data has been hiding, digital and
not, thereby ensuring strong, flexible, scalable and innovative solutions to enrich the multitude of information that companies produce every day

These recognitions allow the intarget ecosystem to also benefit from access to specialized training, immediate technical assistance, and more.