China - 20.10.2022


With sinologist Giada Messetti, we inaugurate our new series of events, aligning with the goal of providing analysis on the most relevant scenarios, opportunities, and trends in the Chinese market. With this series of meetings, in addition to the reports released by Intarget China, we will have discussions with sinologists, scholars, and experts in the Eastern world.

“Now, more than ever, it is crucial to have a greater awareness of China, both from a commercial and cultural perspective.”

After releasing our 5th In:China Monitor, we are pleased to announce the launch of In:China Talks, a series of events aimed at providing the tools for a better understanding of the country of the Dragon. This event not only addresses the most relevant scenarios, opportunities, and trends in the Chinese market but also involves discussions with experts, sinologists, and scholars to gain a deeper understanding of the culture and break down stereotypes.

Our first guest will be Giada Messetti – sinologist and author of “La Cina è già qui” – who will engage in a dialogue with Nicola Tanzini and Stefano Generali on the importance of understanding how China thinks and how it influences our daily lives.

Here are the words of Nicola Tanzini, our Founder and Executive President: Giada Messetti’s latest book is clear: today, it is unthinkable not to be interested in what is happening in the country of the Dragon. By inviting her to this initial event in a series that is born from the reading of her book and the urgency of her message, we believe we can contribute not only to Intarget employees, partners, and university students we collaborate with but also to all those who feel the same urgency to better understand such a complex world. Now, more than ever, it is important to have a greater awareness of China, both from a commercial and cultural perspective.”

The event will start by gaining a better understanding of China from a cultural perspective, as this great technological laboratory can offer insights into future trends and scenarios that will impact the West. It will be an opportunity to reflect on various themes: from the use of technology and its direct consequences on society, to how companies are moving in the retail field, and many other aspects. A meeting that captures the complexity of a world but also the solutions to adopt for Italian companies to avoid oversimplifications and at the same time empathize with others.

La Cina è già qui aims to create a virtuous disorder, disrupt deeply rooted beliefs, and attempt to provide a glimpse of the complexity that China embodies and presents to us. It does not urge us to abandon our identity or values but to momentarily suspend the instinctive habit of judging behaviors and ways of feeling with Western categories that operate on different tracks,” writes Giada Messetti in her book. “La Cina è già qui. Perché è urgente capire come pensa il dragone” (“China is already here. Why it is urgent to understand how the dragon thinks”). 

To discover all the various nuances of the country of the Dragon, seen through the eyes of industry professionals, you can follow the live event by connecting to the following link, on Tuesday, October 25th at 9:30 AM.