Pisa, Milano, Roma

3+ years' experience

The ideal candidate has a passion for digital communication, experience in setup of web tracking and in extracting data, and ability to forecast marketing trends.

S/he has a good knowledge of:

  • web architecture;
  • client-side technologies (i.e. HTML, CSS, javascript);
  • digital marketing metrics and dimensions;
  • measurement models;
  • attribution models;
  • web analytics tools (Google Analytics preferred);
  • tag managing systemd (i.e. Google Tag Manager, Taelium, Commanders Act…);
  • data visualization tools (Google Data Studio preferred);

S/he speaks English.
Knowledge of SQL and Python is a plus.
Knowledge of Firebase is a plus
Knowledge of BigQuery and Google Cloud Platform is a big plus.

The candidate will support the following specific activities:

  • provide guidelines for the setup of sites and apps tracking according to the aims
    and goals;
  • implement tracking setups by a tag management system;
  • support the IT department of the client to setup dataLayer and events;
  • analyse and evaluate data anomalies;
  • create custom reports and dashboard on a data visualization tool.

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