03/04/2015  |  SEO
Peg-Pérego renews its collaboration with intarget:
Peg-Pérego renews its collaboration with intarget:

Again with Peg-Pérego

Peg-Pérego, an Italian sector-leader in baby products and toys, has renewed its collaboration with intarget: to work on digital marketing.
Having completed an initial task of SEO consulting and web analytics, focused on managing migration to a new global platform, we are now continuing with a new project which combines the levers from the first year with social media marketing and digital advertising.

Objectives, strategy and results

Following the launch of the new website, which was perfectly handled thanks to intarget consulting, Peg-Pérego has decided to extend its action plan to cover social media and advertising. The aim is to build on current results and create a plan for long-term increase in online brand awareness and presence.
The starting point in our agency’s strategy is to conduct a thorough reputation analysis in order to determine how the company and its products are perceived online. This analysis is carried out using proprietary algorithms which guarantee maximum data reliability and relevance – 95% confidence value.

The reputation analysis provides the basis for a social media strategy involving all of the company’s channels.

The aim is to create a conversational approach in managing the various Peg-Pérego social media accounts. –  states Raffaella Pierpaoli, Head of Social Media at intarget: – The communication plan needs to convey the company mission and values in an emotional and engaging way, supported by key elements of the Peg-Pérego story. The project also aims to make social platforms the main means of interaction with current and potential customers and with the sector’s key influencers.

In addition to devising and managing the project, our mandate also includes marketing campaigns, on both search engines and social media, aimed at increasing the performance of pegperego.it in terms of web presence and interested traffic.

Finally, we are continuing with SEO activities to develop greater brand awareness and make full use of the search facility as a means of driving interested traffic to the website, and further developing web analytics to monitor current initiatives and define new marketing plans.