16/01/2020  |  Advertising
PINKO and intarget: a success story
PINKO and intarget: a success story

Facebook Attribution, the new Facebook tool has allowed PINKO
to implement an ADV strategy capable of covering the entire customer
journey, with cost/purchase savings over 98% and ROI of 79%.

The incremental analysis is based on the promotional activities carried out in
Countries of greatest interest for the Brand: Italy, United Kingdom, France, Spain, USA, Russia, Germany, Poland, and Belgium.

PINKO, the Italian firm of the luxury fashion industry, becomes a story of
success also in the field of digital acquisition strategies, confirming its innovative DNA and always attentive to change.
intarget was chosen by the brand in 2018 to further increase awareness through the creative activities of ADV in Programmatic, and now we are among the first agencies to have adopted the Facebook Attribution measurement tool, with which we have analyzed the entire customer journey of Brand users.

After careful monitoring of several international campaigns, it was possible to enhance the most effective activities with a return on investment of 79%, a cost reduction of 98%, and an increase in conversions up to 8 times compared to previous benchmarks. The analysis period influenced the results between April and July 2019 e
Taken into consideration the countries of greatest interest to PINKO: Italy, United Kingdom, France, Spain, USA, Russia, Germany, Poland, and Belgium.

We began to focus more on Facebook activities with the support of our intarget agency. Using Facebook’s attribution tool, combined with a full-funnel strategy, allows us to measure the real value and impact of our activities on Facebook and Instagram. The tool provides PINKO with crucial data and insights to be able to know what and where to optimize, within the entire conversion funnel  said Federico Bonelli, CEO of PINKO.

For the Italian fashion brand, we have designed and developed a communication strategy that covers the entire customer journey of the user, using most of the tools and functions of Facebook such as advertising, carousels, target audiences, and the like. Through Facebook attribution, we have further enhanced the impact of Facebook and Instagram also from the point of view of conversion, reallocating the budget between the various placements based on the insights acquired.
The tool demonstrates to companies how the first touchpoints, such as a Facebook post, even if at first glance it doesn’t seem to generate an immediate conversion, can lead the user to other touchpoints and eventually generate leads.

Analyzing PINKO’s campaigns with Facebook Attribution, we found an increase in conversions attributed to Facebook and Instagram by about 4 times. Going beyond the last-click attribution system, the contribution of these was evident
even in the final stage of conversion. “says Matteo Ferrari, Head of AdTech Operations at intarget.” We are among the first Italian companies to use this approach by analyzing activities with a tool that allows us to understand the true impact of social activities. Continuous monitoring aimed at understanding how users interact and if necessary, to change the campaign settings in order to achieve the set goal. Facebook Attribution is a tool that allows you to detach yourself from viewing only the last click, demonstrating that if you consider all the touchpoints of the customer journey it is possible to re-evaluate the contribution of the various media to the final goal.

Facebook Attribution is an advertising measurement tool designed to give you a more complete overview of your customer journey, so you can make business decisions based on a variety of new data: which ads drive the most actions, performance results from the Facebook pixel, monitoring them happens in the group of Facebook apps and services (FB, Instagram, Audience Network and Messenger), in-app events, offline conversions, conversion paths that take place on multiple devices, a performance by channel (organic or paid) and much more yet.