Follow the money

Overview of the relationship between finance, social media, and influencers

What informational needs are expressed by individuals in the financial and credit sector?
Who is addressing these needs?
What are the communication opportunities today for banks and credit institutions?

With this report created in collaboration with TikTok and ONIM, we take stock of the players occupying the digital space, observing brands, users, and influencers.

Digital acceleration in the sector

The diffusion of integrated finance, the reduction of physical bank branches, and the presence of insurance and financing services on e-commerce platforms make the digital space the rapidly growing arena for contact between consumers and industry players.

Strong need for information

Behind 85% of online searches related to banks, loans, financing, and trading lies the people's need to gather information. This is particularly true regarding investment opportunities, trading, and savings.

Influencer Potential

10.6 million Italians express interest in economics, finance, and investments. The "social media influencer" source is the preferred method for learning how to manage finances, especially when competent personal finance influencers are involved. However, they are still underutilized by the industry, representing untapped potential. Discover the value they can generate.

Edutainment Necessity

TikTok is identified as the preferred platform for following influencers. The synergy between video format and the vertical skills and communication abilities of creators makes edutainment a relevant and necessary form of communication, given the high demand for information on finance.

Explore the future of finance between social media and influencers. Download our Follow the Money report now.