90% of consumers worldwide look for information about products online before they decide where to make the purchase.*

Welcome to the age of Extended Retail: where boundaries between the physical and the digital are no more; where the customer journey is increasingly fluid; and where data governance is the key to success for retailers.

*Source: Forrester

The Retail [R]evolution

Nicola Tanzini

Executive Chairman & Founder Intarget

In Retail, it is now crucial to create a personalised and omnichannel shopping experience – based on in-depth knowledge of the customers, and technological innovation – to constantly improve customer experience and sales profitability.

The retail shopping

Giulio Finzi

Retail Leader Intarget

The Retail [R]evolution has brought new standards to the way consumers shop. These standards are encouraging brands to redesign their Retail Experience by focusing on people’s needs.

The goal? A lasting, emotional and engaging bond between brands and consumers, and to make their dreams a reality.


UXBoutique, Intarget’s UX Design Studio, can help you revolutionise your customer’s retail experience.

UX design in the age
of the Retail [R]evolution

Jacopo Pasquini

Studio Manager UXBoutique

The Retail [R]evolution shows that content strategy and content production need to accompany the audience along the path not only of purchasing, but of choosing. More and more often is this choice made by people in a conscious way, with different levels of reading and research.  

Through InStudios, our internal production house, we help brands build a story that accompanies people as they make this choice.

How content strategy guides consumers in the Retail [R]evolution

Damiano Antonelli

Chief Creative Officer Intarget

Nowadays, “Retail” means forming a direct relationship with the consumer with the help of loyalty, which both increases the value of the customer over time, and improves the acquisition  

But how can a loyalty programme be made attractive, safe and effective?

The answer: the Intarget Loyalty Platform, a platform that combines friction-less user experience, web3 and interoperability with CRMs.

The importance of loyalty in the Retail [R]evolution

Fabrizio Lipani

Consultant & Partner InLoyalty

How can you measure the results of the strategies adopted by retailers?

We have gone from an era where we had no data at all, to one where we are inundated with dashboards and data visualisations, which often hide key indicators. Choosing a few actionable indicators is essential to correctly directing your investments.

In this sense, the Conversion Power Index allows you to keep the main UX-related metrics under control.

The indicator was developed by Black Pep, a startup which forms part of the new ecosystem dedicated to Retail – designed by Intarget.

How to make a difference and measure the Retail [R]evolution

Alice Morrone

Partner & Chief Experience Officer Black Pep

We are moving through a period of time that requires a rationalisation of investments.

Reimagining the omnichannel strategy with a view to financial sustainability means optimising the mix of levers (customer experience, loyalty, internalisation or internationalisation) to increase customer lifetime value.

The Financial Design by Black Pep identifies the best strategy for each individual Brand.

The balance between value for the user and ROI in the Retail [R]evolution

Francesco Borsetto

Chief Advisory Officer Black Pep

China, the land of digital innovation, is a non-stop laboratory for understanding how digitisation is revolutionising retail, which is already completely focused on full integration of the online and offline worlds.

Thanks to its direct presence in Shanghai, Intarget has been following the evolution of the Chinese market, and is now ready to take up the challenges of the digital revolution in the Western world.

The influence of the Chinese digital ecosystem on the Western World

Stefano Generali

Managing Director Intarget Shanghai

Our ecosystem

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