Brand Experience Design

Bridging Brand Intention and Brand Interpretation.

The three pillars of Brand Experience.
Improving online performance, optimizing campaigns and websites are complex and dynamic activities. For this reason, using data is a necessary condition for success. Intarget’s Brand Experience comes from combining people’ needs and data analysis of their behavior, brand values, and original, high-impact creativity. Creativity, People and Brand thus constitute the three pillars on which to build a memorable Brand Experience.

Strengthening the brand from its foundations.
Having a work framework oriented toward performance is essential. Provided that performance means not only sales but also optimization of the browsing experience of digital environments and products not strictly aimed at selling, as well as the acquisition of leads, IT support and strengthening of brand positioning.

Innovating, together.
In a Volatile, Unsure, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) world, the answer lies within the corporate system.
This is why we believe that innovating means taking a journey together. Our team of UX/UI designers and CRO specialists works with the methodology of Design Thinking to co-design the redesign strategy, discovering people’s dreams and needs and thus aligning them with strategic digital objectives. This type of redesign is divided into three macro stages: analysis and data-based strategy, user-centered design and technology solutions, performance monitoring to assess any subsequent design and functionality optimization interventions.

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