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A matter of content

A brand is the set of relationships it can create with its audience. Our content strategies start from understanding the brand and its audience to create stories that can connect them.
We do this by analyzing brand identity, positioning, audience and taking into account business objectives. Contents are consistent with the campaign concept and are adapted for all touchpoints, both organic and paid: from website to social networks, podcasts, ATL, metaverses and digital advertising.

A story made of many stories.
The stories we tell through the social networks are connections between the brand and its audience. They are consistent with brand identity, campaign concepts and the storytelling built through the other touchpoints, so as to ensure a unique user experience. We help the brand to build its identity even through social media, finding the right tone of voice through content, images and videos.

Every tool is the right one.
We do not have a favorite social network and we have no boundaries: we adapt messages to different audiences, channels, and local culture. We are ready to take on the new challenge of the metaverse. For our clients, we structure editorial plans, content production and publication. Then we take care of the relationship with the community, a fundamental moment that is often neglected, representing the relationship between the brand and its audience. We develop content for podcasts, publishing partners, and native advertising. Finally, we measure performance and we always learn and improve.

To every brand, its influencer.
Creators are interpreters. They take the brand’s message, translate it, interpret it, and bring it to their followers. Our influencer engagement projects are special because they never lose sight of the customer journey. We select the right creators to accompany brands on projects focused on positioning, brand awareness, community development and engagement, or sales. Or all of the above, together.

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