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Making sense of your information

Centralizing data and ensuring quality by integrating it into intuitive dashboards is essential for effective information management. This approach improves data access and management, increases the accuracy of decisions, and facilitates the visualization of actionable insights. Additionally, it optimizes communication across teams and allows for real-time strategic adjustments, thus increasing the ROI of marketing campaigns. Unified dashboards also enhance collaboration, ensuring that all decisions are based on verified and updated data.


  • Reduced costs in data collection and management
  • Increased speed in generating insights from data-driven decisions
  • Improved collaboration
  • Enhanced internal processes

Our team employs advanced technologies and data management strategies to optimize data collection, analysis, and visualization, ensuring rapid and informed decisions.

What we do


The foundation for an effective data analysis strategy begins with a well-defined Data Strategy, focusing on identifying and creating crucial data for analysis. This allows companies to concentrate on the figures that truly matter, finding insights and strategic actions to enhance business performance. This process is supported by advanced Data Engineering skills, ensuring that the data is not only accurate but also readily available for further analysis.


We offer a wide selection of ready-to-use data connectors and develop custom solutions on demand as needed. Through our Data Ingestion service, we organize data into the most suitable storage solution, such as Data Lakes, Data Warehouses, or Data Mesh, ensuring efficient organization to facilitate subsequent access and analysis.


Our Data Transformation service normalizes and standardizes data, from which we extract relevant information and provide new insights. In the Data Model, we apply business logic to data, defining entities and relationships to create a consistent view that serves to establish a common language within the company.


In the Data Quality process, we examine data to identify anomalies and errors, implementing normalization and cleaning strategies. Access & Security regulates data access, applying strict governance rules to ensure that the correct information is available only to authorized users.


We provide complete support to build and manage the data infrastructure necessary for your dashboards, utilizing our advanced Intarget Data Platform, which eliminates the need for additional licensing or platform costs.


We design and build with you the dashboard wireframe that will guide the visual development, based on a clear understanding of business objectives, stakeholders involved, and available technology. Our Dashboarding solution optimizes processes and frees up time for more in-depth analysis, providing a comprehensive and structured view of digital marketing performance.


We integrate CRM data with analytics to enrich and segment users, allowing targeted communication through the most effective channels. The customer match function activates these user segments on delivery platforms, significantly improving the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

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