Data Management

Making sense of your information.

Data management solutions are for companies that need a data management technology strategy. Through our expertise, we help you to create and manage the best infrastructure for your Business Intelligence and Marketing Analytics activities, reducing data management time and costs and increasing security.

Connecting all platforms and connecting them to each other is essential. At intarget, we are also able to implement new ones, acting as a scouting service and collector of all business data. We are specialized in building Data Warehouses to manage and create advertising campaigns – DW marketing or Marketing Data Lake. Thus we support you in organizing your business data with security, reliability, high availability and fully-managed data services. We monitor your data in real time from any work stream, using this information for your workloads. Finally, we can help you to understand which Business Intelligence platform best fits your company’s needs.

In this manner, you may reduce data access time and technology-related cost, decrease the workload on your IT department, and at the same time improve data security and governance.

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