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Your digital business will take off from here.

Technology should no longer be a burden but a competitive advantage to successfully build your digital business. At Intarget, we help your business to be at the forefront of technology by offering a first-class digital customer experience. We create and implement efficient technology solutions that offer real value. The training, tools, processes and technologies we use are aimed at enhancing your business.

Solid since technology.
Our technology-neutral approach allowed us to gain significant experience on a wide range of market-leading CMSs, including content management systems, commerce solutions, and digital experience platforms. With a strong combination of front-end and back-end technologies, we create solid designs with high-quality code. Everything is based on our wide range of code to choose from, including Net, Java, and PHP.

A customer-friendly experience.
A successful e-commerce strategy is based on the dynamic customer journey and is continually shaped and reshaped by the evolution of consumer behavior. From user experience design to online checkout, order processing, returns, and loyalty programs, we turn complex matters into simple ones. We know how to create a seamless experience, from research to sales, both on business and consumer markets.

Always in touch with your customer.
Mobile apps provide presence and continuity in a customer journey. A constant point of contact in your customers’ pockets, just a touch away. Working as an independent product team, or together with your in-house team, we focus on stability, speed and brand experience when creating native apps. This approach places users at the center of the project, just as we do for all design processes.

The metaverse. A new frontier.
Everybody talks about the metaverse. We do more than just talking: we develop winning strategies for your brand within this new world full of opportunities. Today, the metaverse tries to replicate real life, giving you the chance to create new opportunities. So it is not just a video game. It is a tool to help a brand to develop what it learned with social media turning it into a new user experience and engagement mode.

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