Market Intelligence

Proven research methodologies to understand your customers

Purchasing behaviors change rapidly. Digital tools are constantly evolving. International markets are uncertain. That’s why companies increasingly need to make strategic decisions based on reliable information and actionable insights. Through a process of Audience Analysis, we delve into the interests and digital habits of the brand’s target audiences. We then identify the competitors in the digital arena based on variables considered strategic for the brand, analyzing the brand’s weaknesses and strengths relative to reference competitors. We identify markets that offer the greatest opportunities for digital business expansion, analyze them, and evaluate the most effective entry methods. All this to offer each client the best possible solution.

We use market data such as competitive intelligence, consumer intelligence, and social intelligence to support strategies for:

  • Brand repositioning
  • Launch of new products
  • Internationalization
  • Opening of new markets
  • Budget allocation
  • Media Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Planning special projects

Our consultants use a mix of qualitative and quantitative analysis and deep knowledge of the main marketing intelligence tools.

What we do


Our Consumer Understanding service is designed to provide a deep and detailed understanding of your target audience. Using a set of advanced techniques, we offer a comprehensive picture of the dynamics that influence the perception of your brand and the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.


Our Brand Listening service is designed to provide an in-depth and continuous analysis of your brand’s reputation in various digital contexts, using cutting-edge technologies and multilingual capabilities. We offer comprehensive monitoring that not only identifies where and how your brand is discussed but also provides crucial insights to guide proactive management and improvement strategies.


Our Market Intelligence service uses advanced techniques to provide a comprehensive view of market dynamics, helping you stay one step ahead of the competition and make the most of emerging opportunities. Through detailed analysis, we help you better understand your potential customers and industry trends, optimizing your marketing strategies for maximum impact.


Our Benchmarking service is essential for companies aiming to strategically position themselves in their industry. We provide a positioning matrix that serves as a compass in defining your marketing strategy, ensuring that every move is informed and targeted.

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