Marketing Analytics

A continuous vision of the interactions with the brand.

The collection, review and analysis of data together with the use of the latest technologies help us to answer all vital questions as well as to determine the ROI of marketing efforts and identify opportunities for improvement.

Automation, data centralization, and dash-boarding.
At intarget, we set up and optimize Web Analytics platforms and collect and analyze external and internal qualitative data.
Data visualization is the keyword since being able to see the data is critical for the brand.
We organize and represent the data, in a consistent way, in dashboards so as to strengthen them and communicate them effectively. Thus, understanding the performance of media campaigns will become less complex and the brand will be able to manage and optimize advertising investments. We perform in-depth analyses to compare attribution, standard, custom and “data-driven” models to give the brand useful insights to guide and optimize budgets.

Forecasting business trends and analyzing the impact of investments on sales are just some of the benefits that come from taking a holistic, data-centric approach.

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