Selling online through third-party platforms

The way that customers shop has drastically changed in recent years. This is a result of both the pandemic, which has intensified an already established tendency, and the organic growth of online sales, which have managed to establish themselves in a market dominated by physical retail.

Today, a significant portion of internet purchases are made on marketplaces, the large multi-brand and multi-category platforms that put people and businesses in direct contact.

Cross area Expertise

Intarget launched a new cross-expertise area specifically for marketplaces with the goal of developing, monitoring, and managing this booming channel. We have created up a cross-expertise area that can assist businesses in selecting the best marketplace for their operations, manage on-boarding and internal tasks to support performance, and ensure support for the complete end-to-end journey on marketplaces.

Main areas:


  • Marketplace Scenario and Analysis
  • Platform Onboarding
  • Product Catalog Optimization
  • Seo Optimization
  • Advertising
  • Content & Crea Support
  • Data & Tech Support

We also provide on-demand activities and training tailored to brands’ needs.


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