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In today’s context, where the market is increasingly complex, brands need to adopt flexible and well-informed marketing strategies to maintain the effectiveness of their initiatives. At intarget, we specialize in using advanced technologies like Google Marketing Platform, Adobe Analytics, and other tools to track and measure marketing actions, ensuring that each campaign is optimized for maximum impact. Our expertise in privacy ensures that consent collection and tracking comply with current regulations. We implement integrated solutions that combine CRM, data analysis, and activation through marketing automation, enabling brands to effectively navigate the evolving digital landscape.


  • Increased useful business data
  • Improved data quality
  • Compliance with data privacy regulations

Our team boasts vertical and highly specialized skills, constantly updated to ensure the best digital marketing strategies and regulatory compliance.

What we do


GA4 Audit: This service examines whether GA4 tracking is robust and comprehensive, assessing the accuracy of reports and optimizing the use of platform features. The goal is to ensure that the data collected are precise and that the capabilities of GA4 are fully utilized.
Google Tag Manager (GTM) Analysis: We optimize the GTM container to ensure there are no redundant or superfluous elements and that all data layer values are correctly transmitted to the analytics platform.


Privacy Management: Data collection is essential for developing an effective digital strategy. We design this process to balance accurate user tracking with respect for their privacy. We implement solutions that fully comply with GDPR regulations, such as setting up a Consent Management Platform and installing the new version of Google Consent Mode. We also update APIs and SDKs to import offline conversions and user data in a compliant manner.


Platform Configuration: We offer configuration services for various analytical and data management platforms, including GA4, Google Tag Manager, Adobe Analytics, Tealium, and Commanders Act. This ensures that platforms are set up correctly to facilitate data collection and analysis, thus optimizing digital marketing operations.


GA360 & O360 Licenses, Customer Data Platform License: We provide licenses for data management and analytical platforms such as Google Analytics 360, Oracle 360, and Customer Data Platforms. This service ensures that companies have access to the necessary technologies to collect and analyze data at an advanced level.

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