Understanding needs to provide answers

When a user conducts an online search, they are expressing a need. At intarget, we make sure that your brand is the answer. Being found is just the first step in a much more detailed process. It is essential that the response provided is accurate, relevant, and pertinent to the user. Only in this way can we increase not just the quantity of traffic, but also its quality.


  • Improved positioning and increased brand visibility on organic SERP
  • Increased traffic
  • Optimization of SEO+SEA efforts and benefits
  • Improved usability and navigation of websites
  • Support and training for staff

Our agency offers SEO services combining thorough analysis, optimized content, and perfect integration across different platforms. We create customized strategies to enhance online visibility and convert visitors into customers, ensuring measurable and sustainable results.

What we do


The primary goal is to analyze current visibility and uncover untapped potential. This begins with a rigorous “Search Queries Analysis,” which allows us to understand how potential customers are searching for your products or services online. By integrating SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies with SEA (Search Engine Advertising) campaigns, we can offer a comprehensive view that not only increases immediate visibility through paid advertising but also improves organic positioning in the long term.


Technology plays a crucial role in optimization. It involves providing guidelines for code optimization. Additionally, analyzing your site’s internal search helps us understand what visitors are looking for once they arrive on your page and optimize the search, while Redirect and migration plans ensure that site changes do not lose existing traffic when structural changes are made. These technical interventions are essential to maintain and improve the site’s SEO structure, ensuring that all changes benefit usability and visibility.


Content is at the heart of every SEO strategy. An effective “SEO Editorial Plan” is developed to ensure that content not only captures attention but is also optimized for search engines. “SEO Content Copywriting” focuses on creating content that meets users’ search needs, while “Editorial Live Support” provides ongoing assistance to optimize existing content and leverage trends, thus maintaining a fresh and relevant online presence.


A robust network of links is vital for SEO. Through “Link Penalty Assessment,” we check that your site is not penalized by harmful links. Subsequently, we develop a “Linking Strategy” to build or strengthen incoming links, thus increasing your site’s authority with search engines.


For businesses that physically operate in specific locations and have multiple outlets in various places, local management becomes crucial. We offer services like “Local & Map Management,” which optimize your presence in local searches, and “Local Account Configuration” to ensure that all locations are correctly mapped and visible on map platforms and local search engines.

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