Corporate - 18.10.2023


We are pleased to share a significant collaboration between Intarget and Sprinklr, which propels our company into the future of customer experience. Chosen by Sprinklr, a unified platform that enables businesses to reach, engage, and listen to their customers across a wide range of modern channels, from earned to paid media and direct messaging.

Catering to sectors such as Fashion Luxury, Finance, and Retail, both B2C and B2B, we offer a cutting-edge solution to support brand’s digital growth. Through our expertise, Sprinklr provides comprehensive, real-time data on customer interactions, allowing for a deep and immediate understanding of market dynamics.

In September 2023, we strengthened our partnership with Sprinklr, focusing not only on supporting existing clients but also on collaborating to develop new business. Leveraging Sprinklr’s advanced artificial intelligence, its Unified-CXM platform helps businesses to reach, engage, and listen to customers on any modern channel, delivering rewarding experiences in every interaction.

By enhancing this collaboration, we swiftly integrate new features and social media through a state-of-the-art solution. This enables effective content processing and planning, with integrated measurements and social reporting between organic and paid interactions, providing valuable data for marketing decisions.

“To stay relevant, our clients require robust strategies, high-level creativity, and access to real-time data. Artificial intelligence is an integral part of our content optimization tools, thanks to Sprinklr as well. The availability of reliable and fast data allows us to gain insights on content, transforming them into actions developed in the days and weeks ahead,” states Raffaella Pierpaoli, Head of Content and Social at Intarget.

We are extremely satisfied with the partnership with Sprinklr, a leader in customer-centric platform solutions. Being among the select Italian partners of the company demonstrates recognition of the quality of our offering as consultants for clients’ digital growth.

The Intarget ecosystem continues to develop its skills in customer journey services through the partnership with Sprinklr, utilizing one of the most advanced platforms in the world in a Data-Driven approach to brand digital growth.