15/12/2017  |  Corporate
A year full of emotions and growth
A year full of emotions and growth

2017 has been a year of change and constant growth for our company.
Our offices have become bigger and more dynamic, our team enhanced and grew its talent. Our services have become more complete and innovative, and the number of international clients has kept on growing. We gained new prestigious certifications, and our aspirations, together with our passion, are still the same as if it was the first day.

With the aim of transferring an even more exhaustive and faithful business narration of intarget:, we have worked hard to create a new Company Profile that was able to highlight our distinctive features and to tell you how we have been working in the Digital Marketing industry for the last 18 years with professionalism.

The brands that work alongside us for years know it, intarget: it is not just a Digital Marketing agency.
First of all, Intarget: features over 100 digital professionals, each of them with their own passions, their own story and uniqueness, always ready to get involved and give their best, every day.
To tell what distinguishes us, we have chosen to entrust part of the visual realization to Eolo Perfido, professional photographer and Leica Ambassador. Thanks to the work of Eolo and the synergy between the teams, we managed to show intarget temperament and energy.

We have also traveled a lot. We have moved from one side of the world to the other to nurture that mixture of knowledge, relationships and connections that have always allowed us to make the difference. Each trip, every event we took part in, was an opportunity to go a step further and improve.
Handshake by handshake we got stronger.
Last but not least, the annual experience of the IAB Forum this November offered us the opportunity to interact with many different Digital realities as well as the Top Brands on the market and to explore the most innovative strategies in the Digital Marketing scenario.