24/04/2018  |  SEO
UNICEF and intarget: marking five years of partnership
UNICEF and intarget: marking five years of partnership

The United Nations International Children’s Fund (www.unicef.it), which protects and promotes the rights of children and adolescents all over the world, has chosen intarget:’s expertise and support for the fifth year running in improving its digital performance.

With the aim of strengthening its online presence, improve the use of primary digital marketing tools, encouraging fundraising and raising awareness on the rights of children through its website, UNICEF has confirmed its collaboration with an integrated SEO, ADV and data analysis team.

UNICEF’s plans for 2018 will see intarget: focusing on several areas, from the implementation of a SEO Strategy through to data analysis aimed at simplifying the tracking of visitor behaviour online, along with an intensive online advertising strategy to promote UNICEF’s numerous initiatives in the most effective way possible.

<<Thanks to intarget:’s support, our digital performance has improved considerably over the past five years. Today, we are able to plan, manage and monitor all of our online activities. We are striving to achieve even better results in the coming years,” UNICEF said.

<<We are proud to work alongside an organisation such as UNICEF,” added Fabio Ardinghi, head of SEO for intarget:. Each day for the last five years, we have been offering our know-how and experience in digital marketing. The fact that this supports such an important social cause makes us feel even more engaged with the values promoted by UNICEF.