Events - 18.03.2024


The advent of artificial intelligence is redefining the rules of the game in the digital marketing world. With continually advancing capabilities, AI provides industry professionals with powerful tools to analyze complex data, personalize customer experiences, and optimize strategies in real-time.

But how can marketing extract maximum benefit from this technological revolution?

Intarget answers this question with its innovative webinar series, “Should AI Stay or Should AI Go”, a unique opportunity to explore the challenges and opportunities that AI presents to modern marketers.

Deciphering the future of AI in marketing through a series of webinars

“Should AI Stay or Should AI Go” is more than just a series of meetings; it’s a profound dive into AI’s potential, designed to provide marketing professionals a platform for dialogue, learning, and shared experiences on the increasingly central role of AI in their field. Across three themed sessions, Intarget invites marketers, strategists, and creatives to actively participate in the conversation about the future of digital marketing.

The first session: Impact of AI on Business and Marketer Skills

The journey begins on March 28, focusing on the impact of AI on the skills that marketing professionals need. In this initial session, participants will learn how AI is transforming the approach to data, creativity, and strategy through an exclusive presentation of research conducted by The concept of reskilling will be discussed, highlighting the importance of professional development in the AI era and how this technology can shift the focus onto activities of higher value, directly linking digital performances to business objectives.

Why is it vital to be part of this conversation?

Participating in “Should AI Stay or Should AI Go” means immersing oneself in an open dialogue about AI in marketing, where attendees’ questions guide the discussion. It is an opportunity to move from theory to practice by learning directly from experts and technology partners on how to implement effective AI-driven strategies. It is also an excellent chance for networking, meeting peers and thought leaders in the industry, and expanding your professional network.

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