intarget for an appliances manufacturer

The whole Amazon world under control

The Group distributes its products in more than 120 markets worldwide. Its community of more than 8,000 employees contributes each year to the launch of increasingly innovative products in line with consumer needs. It also wishes to strengthen its global leadership through a long-term strategy.


The development of markets and the online channel’s growing importance led to increased investments in technological solutions applied to digital marketing and to search for a partner that could support the group in the complex process of digitization.
It asked us at Intarget to undertake a path toward greater digital maturity.


Namely, to provide the group with the right tools to monitor e-commerce and corporate site performances by integrating data from different sources.
We paid special attention to the brand’s need to monitor all the indicators on Amazon, including a detailed view of the results achieved thanks to a tool that could allow us to see the performance of sales, advertising campaigns, and logistics data to monitor the status of orders processed.


Our team developed an Amazon Dashboard, integrating and historicizing data originating from all over the Amazon world, combining Amazon Vendor and Amazon Advertising data with first-party data from SAP E-services.
We also centralized data and insight by organizing the dashboard into different sections, which correspond to the topics to be monitored in terms of performance: Overview, Sales, Consumers, Catalog, Sell-In/Sell-Out, Inventory, Search Terms, Advertising, Charge backs, and Forecast.
We added Distributor, Brand, Country, Product, and Category filters to make monitoring even more detailed.


We noticed an increase in sales process automation, with faster growth on Amazon through reduced manual workload and quicker response to customer needs. We obtained an optimization of data visualization and a better understanding of the effects of promotional and marketing activities on Amazon sales.
Finally, there was a greater understanding of the effect of a specific campaign on sales of a particular item.