intarget for Corepla

A Successful TikTok Campaign

Corepla is the National Consortium for Collecting, Recycling, and Recovering Packaging. It has been active in the packaging waste management sector since 1997.


Today, the consortium focuses on raising awareness among citizens and companies, promoting education on eco-sustainable consumption, and spreading information on the qualitative-quantitative increase of separate waste collection.
Intarget is a partner of the Consortium for strategic consulting in digital marketing. Since 2019, we have been managing the consortium’s social media activities. In 2019, we launched Corepla on Instagram, with an educational-style editorial plan that included sophisticated storytelling and top-quality photos and videos. In 2020, we also launched the Consortium on TikTok, the kingdom of Italian teenagers.


We helped Corepla enter TikTok with the #DifferenziaConCorepla campaign.

Launched to raise awareness for 16 – 24 years olds on the issues of separate collection and recycling of plastic packaging, the campaign involved seven well-known TikTok Creators featuring different communication styles to engage the broader spectrum of GenZ with ten short videos.


Our content strategy was built around the theme of education on plastic recycling.
We asked several Creators to think about every day, real-life situations related to plastic products and packaging. We invited them to tell their followers about the benefits of proper plastic collection and how to distinguish between packaging and non-packaging. Those who were involved in the campaign included: Martina Rinaldi, Alessia Lanza, Anna Roseciati, Riccardo Aldigheri, Martina Brondin, Serena Puppo and Noemi Mortella.


In the first week, the campaign reached 3.8 million video views. At the end of the campaign, views were 5.4 million, and the engagement rate was close to 10 percent, bringing interactions to 479.2k.