intarget for LaCimbali

Distinctive Content Strategy for cafés


A leader in the world of professional machines for espresso-based beverages, LaCimbali represents the history of this industry and has always designed the future of its sector of reference.
The company has three manufacturing plants in Italy and one in Seattle, employing about 700 people.

In 2018, LaCimbali launched “Turbo Milk” on the market, a new system with innovative features that could whip hot and cold milk and dispense it directly into the cup.
Turbo Milk guarantees high performance and consistent quality in the cup; it is user-friendly and allows maximum customization.


Well aware of our team’s creative energy and strategic skills, the brand chose to strengthen its collaboration by entrusting us with a new challenge: explaining the potential and uses of the new technology for the coffee shop sector.
The purpose of the new partnership was to make Turbo Milk the must-have for baristas of excellence, turning it into a distinctive advantage for coffee shops.


The strategy we proposed was to tell the story of the new cold whipped milk technology through the creation and sharing of multimedia content that could convey innovation, taste, and desire.

• Concept development and design for the naming and recipes of the project
• Logo design
• Production of 14 video tutorials for Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, perfect for baristas using Turbo Milk
• Production of 43 high-quality pictures to be paired with the recipes to tell about the new delicious creations achievable only with Turbo Milk
• A hard-copy recipe book free with the purchase of the LaCimbali M100ì machine, equipped with Turbo Milk
• Area dedicated to product storytelling within the LaCimbali corporate website


The strategy and content created led Intarget and LaCimbali to win the IKA award, performing better than more prominent brands, such as Barilla and Carrefour.

+35% Instagram Followers
+10.000 Facebook-Instagram Interactions
+800 Website Visits